Update on Vanessa

Went to see doctor today platelets  were 9 & hemoglobin 6.8 so I need a another blood transfusion. Oh yes I have also developed iron overload from the frequent transfusions. I will be starting a medication to help remove some iron. 

I talked with City of Hope and they are having a rough time finding a match still because of my antibodies. I will be going next week for another bone marrow biopsy to see where I’m at. Please pray there is no progression to AML Luekemia. 

Also please for strength for Matthew as he is studying for his tech evaluation.

My counts today…

I’m at the IV infusion center for the 13 day in a row getting my daily platelets. I got my blood drawn and my platelets are 10! Yahoo for me that is great I have not been in the double digits for a while. Praise the Lord maybe the next step will be less platelet transfusions. My white cell count is still low but I praise the Lord for small miricles.

Verse of the day via Air1: 


..For I am doing something in your own day,something you wouldn’t believe even if someone told you about it. Habakkuk 1:5

It’s pretty bad when the nurses in the hospital know you and all your kids

i think I’m here way too much! I got admitted to the hospital to get iv antibiotics. The dr said I would be here for 3-4 days or so. Please pray for Matthew ‘s sanity with the kiddos also we need a couple of babysitters we can call on last minute here. So if anyone would like to help out or know of any babysitters we can call on that would be helpful. 


Good morning world let see what this week will bring

It was pretty hot here this weekend. I went to get more and platelets Saturday. No reaction this time praise the Lord. We are still waiting to see if my brother is a match for my bone marrow, I hope I will here something this Friday. In the meantime my doctors have updated my routine and I will be receiving blood and or platelets twice a week.  I have my good days and bad days with the stress of this whole situation. Thank you all who are our prayer partners and supporters. Knowing we have friends and family out there interceding on our behalf helps us to remain steadfast with the Lord. 

There are so many others out there that are suffering and they don’t know Jesus and His saving grace. If I did not have my Savior to lean on I don’t know where my mind would go. Each time I go to the hospital, ER or doctors appointment I want to used and be an encouragement to those around me for as long as He allows me to.

I’m home

I finally am back in Idaho after a cancelled LAX flight. Coming back here I am blessed to see the wonderful cloud formations the Lord has designed and the natural beauty all around me here in Nampa, ID.
Thank you so much to my in laws Mike Wofford and Donna Wofford who came up this last week to visit but which has turned into helping us with the everyday. We visited MAF, where Matthew showed us some planes that they had in the field and some that were in process of being prepared for the field.


IMG_6273 IMG_6272

We sat down to lunch with some of the MAF team that just got back from Nepal, and they were recounting the deviation. We were asking how the gospel is being preached and he said it was difficult because it is illegal there to share so you have to guide the conversation in a way that you get them to ask. Please pray for our teams still there in Nepal and around many other areas throughout the world, that the doors would be opened and the people would desire to hear the good news.  Also pray for protection for teams throughout the world as they serve our Lord in the most isolated places.

After lunch we went to the headquarters where the infamous “56 Henry” is on display. “56 Henry”, for those that don’t know, was one of the first planes with MAF.org that pilot Nate Saint and few missionaries (Jim Elliot, Ed McCully, Peter Fleming and  Roger Youderian) flew to see the lost people in Shell Mera, Ecuador. (https://www.maf.org/about/history/nate-saint)

MAF.org finds the hardest-to-reach locations, where people live isolated from the rest of the world, and brings medicine, doctors, disaster relief, education, evangelism, bible translation, food supplies, clean water and more. Because MAF is passionate about sharing Christ’s love beyond where the road ends. “For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.” Roman 1:16

Matthew and I feel so blessed to be apart of an organization that really wants to the be the hands and feet of Jesus, just like in James 2:15-17  we read that we must not use only our words only to bless other but we need to help with physical needs to open the door for the gospel to flourish.

Please continue to pray for our ministry here as well as my health.

A ruff 8 days 

It all started Thursday July 3 waking to bleeding gums, followed by 2 bags of blood and a bag of platelets Monday,  a double eye hemorrhage in my left eye Tuesday an er visit and a bag of platelets, Wednesday I woke to not only the bleeding gums and eye issue but to my cheeks bleeding. Thursday was added tongue blood blisters a bag of platelets and then I was told I was developing antibodies in my blood due to so many transfusions. The had to send my blood sample to the Red Cross to figure out what types. On Friday I had to get a bag of platelets and a bag I blood before rushing to make my flight to LAX. But I’m here now and hopefully things will slow for a few days before I meet with the Doctors at City of Hope on Monday. 

The skyline as I was leaving Idaho, isn’t it amazing how can anyone deny God’s design and craftsmanship!

 Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during this trying time in our life. Know that we feel and acknowledge their weight as we walk on this journey with God. We love and also pray for you all.

Walk by Faith and not by sight

Since I can remember I have always felt drawn to music. It was a way to express what I was felling. Whether is was ballet, tap or jazz when I was a young girl or dance and cheer in high school to worship in good times and in bad. I am so blessed to have a husband with the amazing ability to move me with his voice and music. He can figure out what song I am talking about even if I only know a few words, Jessica Aceves you know what I mean, and lets face it I can’t sing a note no matter how hard I try! Today was a hard day for me, I was weak and tired, with a massive head ache and bleeding gums. (side effective of MDS) My amazing husband, Matthew Wofford, just takes over and watches the kids, feeds them, plays with them and on top of that he takes care of me. He even plays me worship songs to help me get through.

I have had a ruff week. Monday–went to doctor at 8am to get blood drawn,  I had been felling weak and my gums have been bleeding since Thursday July 2.  Then they sent me to the hospital because my counts were way low and I had to get a bag of platelets and 2 bags of blood. I was released at 3am Tuesday morning. At 7am Tuesday morning I got up and had vision problems, kinda of like when you look at the sun but it did not go away. So I called the dr and again they sent me to the ER because they thought it could be a detached retina or retina hemorrhage. When I got to the ER it was too late to see a ophthalmologist but they called my dr and they ordered another bag of platelets and steroid shot. So after 4 pokes they finally got the IV started and away we were. But it was a God appointment, I got to speak with my nurse Hannah and was able to share and witness to her about my life and what God has been doing and is doing. 

 Also a good sense of humor helps!  I gave her and the other nurses some needed comic relief too! Once we finally got my platelets and got them administered I was able to leave at 11pm last night.

Today was another early day, I saw the eye dr and they determined that I had 2 retinal hemorrhages in my left eye. Basically when you have low blood you can start randomly bleed in your gums, ears, nose, eyes even finger nails, so not only were my gums bleeding but i guess my eyes are too! Tomorrow I go see the dr for a blood draw to see my level and then an appointment in the infusion center for blood if need be. All in prep for this weekend, its my bday but that’s not the reason, I flying to CA and will meet with a doctor from City of Hope in Duarte on Monday. It will be just me this time and I will be returning to Idaho Monday afternoon after I see the doctor. Please pray that they will give me some more guidance and get this show on the road!

The kids

 have been such troopers going from appointment to appointment and helping around the house getting chores done, getting Mommy her meds and/or water. We’ve been trying to keep it as normal as possible but this week has thrown a monkey wrench in their routine.  


Wyatt’s 6th Bday

Thank you to all that were able to come. Wyatt wanted to have a Hotwheel/Monster truck party! Although I had a heck of a time the day before being in the hospital things all went well. We had just enough people for the party. We had planned the party over a month ago so he could invite his classmates and at the time the temps. were 80’s-90’s. This weekend was a record breaking 106 degrees, Wowee! It was hot! So with a bit of last minute planning we added a pool, slip-n-slide and some water balloons. The kids had a great time and so did some of the Dad’s (Matthew Wofford and Rodney Dyrud showed the kids how to really have fun).

We may not know all the reasons we are going through something but to God be the glory. God continues to show me small pieces of how He see us. We look back at the last 6 years of our life when Wyatt entered our family. He bounces around everywhere and doesn’t seem to slow down but it amazes me how thoughtful and generous he is and always wanting to included everyone and make sure they are having fun. God gave us our children to help us not to take this life so seriously and let things roll of your chest a bit more. Most things we can’t do anything about we just need to laugh and keep our eyes on the one who can, Jesus.


Water Balloon time

 IMG_1409IMG_1412 IMG_1410

Water slide time

 IMG_1361  IMG_1379

IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1366 IMG_1351 IMG_1357   

The little kids painted and played in the kids pool

IMG_1375 IMG_1354 IMG_1400


Piñata Time

 IMG_1428 IMG_1436 IMG_1435 IMG_1434 IMG_1431 IMG_1429 IMG_1427

Wyatt Got one last turn

 Wyatt said I'm going to get this piñata

But Grave Digger Hit Back… grave digger hit back

So Wyatt Destroyed him

Wyatt destroying the piñata


IMG_1462 IMG_1466 IMG_1464 

The journey continues

This weekend is Wyatt’s bday party. He’s turning 6 wow how the time flies. I had a blood and platelet transfusion on Tuesday thinking I would be ok for this weekend but over the last couple of day I have been feeling weaker and weaker. So this morning I took myself to my doctor and they said I need another bag of blood and platelet. As I entered the hospital to go to my room I saw this saying posted in the elevator…  


The nurses here at St Alphonsus in Nampa, ID have all been great, they have been sunshine to me. So think this is appropriate to read as I arrive at the nursing station.