Good morning world let see what this week will bring

It was pretty hot here this weekend. I went to get more and platelets Saturday. No reaction this time praise the Lord. We are still waiting to see if my brother is a match for my bone marrow, I hope I will here something this Friday. In the meantime my doctors have updated my routine and I will be receiving blood and or platelets twice a week.  I have my good days and bad days with the stress of this whole situation. Thank you all who are our prayer partners and supporters. Knowing we have friends and family out there interceding on our behalf helps us to remain steadfast with the Lord. 

There are so many others out there that are suffering and they don’t know Jesus and His saving grace. If I did not have my Savior to lean on I don’t know where my mind would go. Each time I go to the hospital, ER or doctors appointment I want to used and be an encouragement to those around me for as long as He allows me to.

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