Wyatt’s 6th Bday

Thank you to all that were able to come. Wyatt wanted to have a Hotwheel/Monster truck party! Although I had a heck of a time the day before being in the hospital things all went well. We had just enough people for the party. We had planned the party over a month ago so he could invite his classmates and at the time the temps. were 80’s-90’s. This weekend was a record breaking 106 degrees, Wowee! It was hot! So with a bit of last minute planning we added a pool, slip-n-slide and some water balloons. The kids had a great time and so did some of the Dad’s (Matthew Wofford and Rodney Dyrud showed the kids how to really have fun).

We may not know all the reasons we are going through something but to God be the glory. God continues to show me small pieces of how He see us. We look back at the last 6 years of our life when Wyatt entered our family. He bounces around everywhere and doesn’t seem to slow down but it amazes me how thoughtful and generous he is and always wanting to included everyone and make sure they are having fun. God gave us our children to help us not to take this life so seriously and let things roll of your chest a bit more. Most things we can’t do anything about we just need to laugh and keep our eyes on the one who can, Jesus.


Water Balloon time

 IMG_1409IMG_1412 IMG_1410

Water slide time

 IMG_1361  IMG_1379

IMG_1364IMG_1365IMG_1366 IMG_1351 IMG_1357   

The little kids painted and played in the kids pool

IMG_1375 IMG_1354 IMG_1400


Piñata Time

 IMG_1428 IMG_1436 IMG_1435 IMG_1434 IMG_1431 IMG_1429 IMG_1427

Wyatt Got one last turn

 Wyatt said I'm going to get this piñata

But Grave Digger Hit Back… grave digger hit back

So Wyatt Destroyed him

Wyatt destroying the piñata


IMG_1462 IMG_1466 IMG_1464 

The journey continues

This weekend is Wyatt’s bday party. He’s turning 6 wow how the time flies. I had a blood and platelet transfusion on Tuesday thinking I would be ok for this weekend but over the last couple of day I have been feeling weaker and weaker. So this morning I took myself to my doctor and they said I need another bag of blood and platelet. As I entered the hospital to go to my room I saw this saying posted in the elevator…  


The nurses here at St Alphonsus in Nampa, ID have all been great, they have been sunshine to me. So think this is appropriate to read as I arrive at the nursing station.

No hospital this week yay…

Some of my blood levels were high enough that I was able to skip of week of blood transfusions this last week, praise the Lord. It happened to also be the week of my 15 year wedding anniversary. A family volunteered to watch the kids so we could go to dinner for our anniversary and we received a gift card to go to dinner. God is amazing.   

This week I only had to get a platelet transfusion. I thank you God for this opportunity to witness to the staff at my dr. office as they provide care for me. There are so many Mormon families here that are in great need of knowing our Lord. Please pray that our Lord and savior would help me to use this opportunity I have to show His love. Also continue to pray for Matthew and the kids that they would have the courage and strength to walk this journey with me. 

Pray for our needs: money for housing, food, gas and utilities. Babysitters to pull from as I will need help as I have to go to more and more appointments that the kids are not able to come to. Direction on the transplant location we will be going to. (So far it seems to be City of Hope in Duarte). Please pray for timing and Matthew’s ability to be with me during this time.

Praise for normalcy this summer: baseball, t-ball, golf, and gymnastics. (Pics to come)


As some of you may know I had a bone marrow biopsy a couple weeks ago. There was a bit of delay on getting the results because they wanted to send it to another pathologist for a second opinion. On Monday, June 1, 2015, I got the result and it has taken me a few days to process but I was diagnosied with a rare bone marrow disease called Hypocellular Myelodysplasia Syndrome. (MDS) They don’t know how or why I got it but it is the same disease news anchor Robin Roberts got a few years ago. At this point my doctors have said I will need a bone marrow transplant in order to prevent it from becoming AML Leukemia. In the next weeks and months I will be under going many transfusions as we try to identify a bone match and the next steps. I am also working with a Naturopath here to see the options he suggests as well. I’m sure our needs will be great as the time progresses they said the nearest treatment center is inn Salt Lake City, UT at Huntsman Cancer Center. Please pray for our kids as try to explain what is going on with Me. And as we get more information we will let everyone know.

Verse of the day: Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other. Rom 12:10 Don’t let this day go by in a fog. Love you family with every ounce of passion as Jesus did for us. His glory is all around us, we just need to stop and see it.


Thank you for all your love and prayers thus far.