Once again in the hospital 

I went to the Dr Friday morning feeling very dizzy and short of breathe and of course my blood was low so they admired me to the hospital. I still don’t have the biopsy results yet. 

Praise the Lord for MAF and there graciousness during this time allowing Matthew come to my aid. The dr came in today and said they wanted to do an ultra sound of my uterious to make sure there is not some thing else going on. Please pray for me tomorrow at 10:30 am the are going to do some procedures to help my menstrel cycle get under control. And if all goes well I will be going home tomorrow afternoon.

Went to see dr

So I had high hopes I would some incite to what is going on with me but to know availe. They said they sent my bone marrow off for a secon option because they noticed something rare and wanted a second look. They said probably next week they should have a diagnosis.

The lord must know I need to work on my patience. This was my verse today: “Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life” John 8:12, NKJV.

He always knows the path we will be on before we do we just need to follow his leading. Please pray for my blood levels and energy levels to increase.

In the meantime God gives me glorious moments with the kids who wanted to go on the trampoline with the sprinklers on!

 Amelia was taken out by Wyatt's jump Gavin doing a giant jump see what happens IMG_0773 Amelia running on trampoline Wyatt & Amelia jumping Amelia's trick IMG_0711

Admitted to the hospital

So I was feeling really shakey and faint so Matthew me to the er. My platelets are really low as well as my hemoglobin and my white cell count… The Drs here are doing a bunch of research here before they jump to any conclusions. They said I would be here for about 2-3 days at least… Please pray for my health but also for the kids to get organized.

Feeling weak

Please pray for me, I am feeling how I did last year when I had to go to the hospital because my platelets and hemoglobin was low.

For those that don’t know I have low platelets or thrombocytopenia (ITP). The platelets are apart of the clotting process. So basically if I have too low of platelets and get cut I could bleed out or bruising internally.

I will hopefully be seen a naturopath doctor here that could help leads us in a better direction with my health. Prior all the advise I had was basically that I was a medical mystery. So the prayers would be appreciated.

On a lighter note, we will be in a parade this weekend to promote MAF.org. The kids will be riding in a plane and through out candy. Also please pray for Matthew, he is possibly going to be helping with the Nepal relief efforts.

Mother’s Day 2015

IMG_5974  IMG_5970

IMG_5975   IMG_5940

How wonderful it is to walk up to the sound of my 4 beautiful children trying to help Dad make me breakfast and let me sleep in. I could hear them say quiet Mom’s trying to sleep. Then they all came in with breakfast on a silver platter and cards. As I tried to hold back tears they each told me Happy Mother’s in their own way. Thank you so much to my amazing husband for waking early and helping the kids.

We went to church and the sermon was amazing, Pastor Jim at Crossroad in Nampa, ID reflected on God’s sufficiency to us all. After church the family treated me to lunch and it was my choice. We went to a new place called Winger’s and as you can imagine they specialize in wings. It was really good.

Later we all went to Tully park and the boys went on the skate park area and Amelia and I went park area. The weather was perfect and serene. God is good and will always be good, even when we feel overwhelmed he is our sufficiency.

Thank you for all the Mother’s Day well wishes and to all the Mom’s out there may our Lord and Savior sustain you this day and revive your spirit so that you may tackle your world as a Mom. Amen.

YAY we have internet…

So we moved into our new place. The rentals go so fast here. (I have added a page with our contact information.) We only have a few boxes left to unpack and I’m starting to know where things are around here.

Matthew has been working away on a plane in the hanger. This is a wonderful place to be. God has protected us along the way and is slowing providing for our needs. Praise report: The kids are in school and love it. Gavin had his first ever track meet and 3rd place in 50m, 3rd place in hurtles, 7th place in the 200m and 2nd place in the 100m. He was so excited. Maverick did a project on his planet, which was Venus. He add to do research and he made a model and yesterday he had to present his project in front of all the 3rd grade classes and parents. He did so well, which is a big feat for Maverick because he is very shy. Wyatt is doing wonderful, he planted a tree and grass for his nature projects and will be going to the ZOO for his up coming field trip. Amelia is having fun with me at home. Please pray for us there are a lot of Mormon churches her and it seems at though every other family of Mormon. So we have a lot of witnessing opportunities. Also pray for Matthew as he may help MAF with the relief efforts in Nepal. Lastly, please pray for us as we are still in great need of prayer partners and financial partners. Also I thought I was going to be able to work a bit from home but it does not seem likely at this point.

The kids send their love with big hugs to all their friends and families back in California. They miss you all but now that we have internet we can do FaceTime and Skype.


Our journey to IDAHO….

Our journey to IDAHO….

The 1st leg was going to Rocklin, CA. About half to Rocklin and we had to stop for the 4th or 5th time for a potty break. It was a blessing to have my brother and his wife along the way.   The kids would bounce from car to car.

We had a quick visit with Grandma and then we were off early the next morning to travel from Rocklin to Nampa, ID for the 2nd leg of the journey. But this would require a trek through Lake Tahoe. About ½ way up the mountain we were told to turn around, we needed chains. So $60 later we were back on the road. (My brother was able to put the chains on for us, praise the Lord!)

IMG_9831  chains

We encountered rain, hail, wind cyclones, slush, snow, dust devils (as the kids call them), and eerie clouds on the highway. Oh, but what a beautiful adventure.

IMG_9803 IMG_9837Amelia and Uncle Bobby IMG_9847

Thank you so much for all the prayers for travel protection we needed it!

Please continue to Pray for the Lord provision for us as we enter into the training stage with MAF.ORG.