The Moving truck is here and ready to get packed.

Matthew is on his way to Idaho. He set up the packages for us as the moving truck arrives. Thank you to all who helped pack and organized the trailer.

packing truckpacking truck 2

We got everything in and then we were ready to lock up the trailer, I tried to put my new lock on they told us to get… oh no it does not fit. WHAT!!! My father-in-law looked and He said it was a tad bit too wide. I went on a journey to find a lock that would fit. Did you know the package do not indicate the diameter of the shank only the height. I went to U-Haul, Walmart, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Harbor Freight and Ace hardware, none of them had the lock we needed. In the middle of also called the moving company to see if they had a lock we could buy from them and they did not. I did buy lock from Ace hardware that did end up working but it was not the size the moving company indicated. Man what a hassle.

The moving truck was picked up and the house was empty. Wow, this is really happening, I thought to myself, with eagerness and excitement for the unknown! God would you let me see a glimmer of what is to come?