God is in the details…

Our God is so mighty and good. Today the Lord has offered an opportunity for our family to serve Him. Matthew was offered an internship with MAF. As most of you may know Matthew is now officially a license Aircraft Mechanic. While in school Matthew heard about MAF and was inspired to look into their organization. Basically Matthew would be working with MAF as a aviation technician and help maintain their fleet of planes around the world. MAF plays a vital role in the Missionary field; not only do they bring food and medical supplies, they also help minister to the local villages by teaching them about God’s word.

Matthew will be starting a 6 month internship which prepare him for the ministry field. We will need your prayer and support during this time as we will be moving to Idaho.

We as a family, are so excited to see how God is going to use us to minister to those we will come in contact with. Please pray for us as our journey begins in the missionary realm.